Meet Us




Owner, Hair stylist

Specializing in short hair cuts and colours

“It’s rare to find a job that you actually enjoy getting up and going for and yet I do.  I know that in 20 years of being in this position I have found the right niche in life as I always look forward to the day ahead of me. The beauty industry is always changing and I love the challenge of keeping up with the latest trends in colour and styling.  Our hair sets the mood for the day, if you ever heard someone say “I’m having a bad hair day”, they most likely are not in the best mood.  That is why it is crucial for me to give myself and my clients the best hair day possible!”



Hair stylist, Colour specialist, Lash technician

Specializing in colour, lash extensions, facial waxing and tinting

I feel that in every client that takes care of their beauty feels just as beautiful inside that is why I enjoy caring for others and helping them attain their best look.  Every morning I enter the salon with a positive outlook because I love this career as everyday brings new challenges and new personalities.  It is so exciting to create a specialized colour for each client that comes in as I consider the frame of their face, their style and their life style.  The colour spectrum is very complex and is full of variety so every head of hair is customized with my creative influence. Being Lavish Lashes certified I have grown in experience with every client entering my care.”



Hairstylist, Nail technician

Specializing in special occasion hair & up-styles, manicures and pedicures

“Ever since I was little, I have loved to play with hair and I always knew that working in the beauty industry would be a good career choice for me.  This job never gets boring; there’s something different to do each day, and so many ways to express my creativity while keeping the client happy.  It’s the best feeling to have a client come in stressed out or feeling down and have them walk out relaxed and perked up simply because the sassy new cut or glossy, rich colour I have given them made the difference.  Come and see me for your prom or wedding upstyle.  I thoroughly enjoy the excitement and the satisfaction of fulfilling all of your visions for that special day.”



Hair stylist, Colour specialist, Great Lengths extensions specialist

Every day I go to the slaon I fall in love with my career even more. Whether it is doing a colour correction for a new client or maintaining an existing style I always enjoy the chance I get to give my clients the best salon experience I can. Being able to put my hair colouring and styling knowledge to the test or transform a client's look with Great Lengths hair extensions always thrills me. The best part of my day is getting to give my client a trendy customized look that suits their needs. Come see me for a consultation on how we can transform your hair today!”