Salon Services


Melody’s Shear Attitude embodies the essence of the beauty industry while incorporating an individual attitude. Our stylists create a balance of seeking perfection while maintaining and utilizing their own individual craft.

Hair Cutting :

Your hair is a picture frame for your face, and it’s important that your frame compliments your features perfectly. At Melody’s we understand face shape, facial features, and lifestyle, and considers each of these aspects when designing your perfect look. We feature Goldwell hair colour because quality and care is what we want for our client’s hair!


Shampoo, cut & blow dry             $42–50

Shampoo & blow dry                      $25–30

Fringe Trim                                           $7–12

Specialty Up style                              $50–85

Perms                                                    $95+

Men’s Cut                                             $23.50–27

Girls  Ages 1–5                                    $15–20

Girls  Ages 6–10                                 $20–24

Girls  Ages 11–17                                 $30–35

Boys Ages 1–5                                    $15.50

Boys Ages 7–10                                  $18–20

Boys Ages 11–17                                  $20–25

*Prices do not include GST



Hair Colour :

Every colour begins with a personalized consultation. We are trained to assess the colour of your eyes, the pigment of your skin, and the shades you most frequently wear to determine the most flattering colour for you.  Our multipurpose Goldwell colour line is versatile and non-damaging to your hair, so you receive the most natural effect.

*Prices do not include cut and blow dry or GST

Colour & foils                                      $100–150

Full foils                                                 $150+

Partial foils (one shade)                 $85+

Partial foils (two or more)            $95+

Single foils                                            $8+

Specialty Colour                                 $125+

Lightener & toner                              $125+

Roots colour & toner                        $55–70


Colour Correction available upon consultation

We carry products such as KMS, Bed Head, Goldwell, Morrocan oil and Matrix. 


Hair Extensions:

Great Lengths 100% human hair bonded extensions. Customized quote upon consultation.


Scalp Treatments:

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair
In our Head First Clinic, we are ready to help with hair loss prevention and scalp health. We will customize a program designed to target scalp conditions, thinning hair and hair loss in men and women. Come see us today for your scalp analysis, or for more information go to

Scalp Analysis                                  Free

Scope                                                 $55

Treatment                                      $65–95